New facilities

Classrooms, library and hall.


The new classrooms and library were completed in two phases to allow staff to continue teaching.


The first challenge was to enlarge a very small classroom. The alterations began with the merging of one small classroom with a reading recovery room, a storage room and some circulation space. Achieving a generous, user friendly classroom space, without disrupting the corridor flow of the school. The strategic placement of a new wall meant the reading room could be relocated into an existing alcove of another classroom.

The second challenge was to create a better, usable library space, with more natural light and a new front entry. To open up the floor area we removed some posts and internal walls. These alterations required a complete restructuring of the library roof to support the redistributed loads, which included installing steel beams and a new ceiling. Two new skylights and a large corner window increase the natural light in this bright, spacious area.


The new hall was built on the site of a disused swimming pool, and now forms the hub of the school. It connects with classrooms and library and enables staff and students to have full assemblies. It is used extensively for teaching, drama productions and sport. The robust surfaces and warm colours make it a durable and inviting gathering place.