Walkway upgrades

Jellicoe Towers, designed by Allan Wild and built in 1968, is a well-known building on the Wellington skyline. The walkway is the main route from the entry to all apartments in the towers.  

Residents had noticed leaks on the floor and ceiling inside the walkway. They asked us to investigate the cause and repair the leaks.


We found that the steel structure of the walkway had corroded. The existing windows had been installed the wrong way round. The ceiling and floor finishes were stained and crumbling.

The contractor installed new ‘curtain wall’ glazing in a seismic sub-frame. The existing corroded roofing iron was replaced with a torch-on membrane to fall to gutters.


All the structural steel was now enclosed and protected from the weather.


The materials are contemporary but true to the heritage fabric of the building. New plywood ceiling panels refer to the existing tongue and groove wall linings. Existing rimu handrails now show their texture and colour.


Two of Allan Wild’s original drawings now hang in the entry lobby, honouring the building’s 50-year life.

In July 2020, Jellicoe Towers and Allan Wild were awarded an 'Enduring Architecture' award in the 2020 NZIA Local Architecture Awards. Read more here:,Lovell%20and%20O'Connell%20Architects.

Client feedback:

"I think the walkway windowing looks fantastic and beautifully mirrors the living room windows in each apartment. Thank you for all your professionalism and patience, I think the end result is well worth it."

'Heritage Today' newsletter featuring Jellicoe Towers upgrade:

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Photo: Paul McCredie