2010 -


Conservation plan and heritage advice

Wellington Trades Hall was built in 1927 for the trade unions. The building is located on Vivian Street, on State Highway 1.

Cranko Architects was commissioned to do a conservation plan in 2009. 

It includes a history of the building and the context in which it was built. Detailed drawings show the changes made to it. Its cultural heritage significance is largely derived from its social importance. Trades Hall’s management team used the detailed description of its physical condition at that time to plan maintenance work. 

The plan describes the importance of the building and is used to obtain funding for upgrades. It prompts more records of the history of the building in relation to its role in the labour and union movements.

In 2020 we updated the Conservation Plan following the successful completion of 34% strengthening. In February 2021, Heritage NZ Pouhere Taounga listed the Wellington Trades Hall as a category 1 historic place on the Heritage List.



81 Harbour View Road, Northland, Wellington